Regulation under Zoos Directive

EAAM parks are licensed by Member States in the European Union in accordance with the Directive 1999/22 relating to the keeping of wild animals in zoos.  Under the “Zoos Directive”, Member States must ensure that zoos undertake conservation measures including “participating in research from which conservation benefits accrue to the species, and/or training in relevant conservation skills, and/or the exchange of information relating to species conservation and/or, where appropriate, captive breeding, re-population or reintroduction of species into the wild.”   The Zoos Directive also requires Member States to ensure that zoos carry out conservation measures by “promoting public education and awareness in relation to the conservation of biodiversity, particularly by providing information about the species exhibited and their natural habitats.”  It further requires Member States to ensure that animals are accommodated “under conditions which aim to satisfy the biological and conservation requirements of the individual species, inter alia, by providing; species specific enrichment of the enclosures; and maintaining a high standard of animal husbandry with a developed programme of preventative and curative veterinary care and nutrition.” 

EAAM parks set and meet high standards of animal care and continue to develop and advance professional standards beyond legal requirements.  For more information about EAAM parks’ achievements in conservation and education, see: