Internships at EAAM Institutional Members’ Facilities



The Students Committee aim is to facilitate students the contact with any type of EAAM members or institutions. Doing this, students will have help and support to start their careers in the field of the Marine Mammals. To fulfill this goal, the Students Committee has prepared a spreadsheet with detailed information regarding those EAAM institutional members that offer interships at their facilities.





Training Committe Anouncement

Hello all
Eaam symposium is arriving and this event is a great opportunity to present the work that you do with your animals in your facility . We want you to share with our community your training. Husbandry , enrichment , cognitive and other welfare behaviors are crucial for your animals. You and your facility can be the next one to win the best training presentation .
Stay tunned for news , and if you have questions don’t hesitate in contact Eaam training committee at
Thank you
Pablo Joury ; Angelo Henriques ; Paola Munoz