Adriana update


Herewith we would like to give you an update on the status of Adriana
Α) The tag: the satellite tag placed on Adriana functioned properly for approximately five weeks giving us important information on the behavior and diving capacity of the animal. The last uplink to the SMRU server was in the beginning of June. Until then Adriana had traveled extensively throughout a wide range of the northwestern Aegean Sea.
Β) Other information: As you know MOm operates a well-organized Rescue and Information Network, that documents the presence of the Mediterranean monk seal throughout Greece. Since the “silencing” of the tag we have been looking forward to collecting information/sightings regarding an animal with a tag on its back or with the characteristic yellow flipper tags on its hind flippers. Indeed, since May we have received two sightings, one in mid June and one in mid July, from the coast of Pilio, fitting this description. Both sightings referred to an animal bearing flipper tags but not with the tag. Unfortunately none of the sightings came with a photograph or a video.
Based on the evidence we conclude (although we do not know the current state of the animal) that the rehabilitation of Adriana has been a success, as the rehabilitated pup was in a position to feed by itself and avoid human contact as much as possible. This is in accordance to the behavior we have observed at other rehabilitated monk seal pups monitored post-release. This fact indicates again that the rehabilitation protocols followed by the MOm rehabilitation team under the supervision of the Veterinary School of Thessaloniki and Mrs. Komninou are successful.

Marine Litter EAAM Event in the European Parliament

Arlete Sogorb represented the EAAM at an event organized by the EAAM Coalition with the European Parliament Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development.   Titled “Marine Litter Impact on Oceanic Ecosystems: Problems and Solutions” and was proposed by the EAAM as part of the EAAM/Alliance World Oceans Month 2015 #debrisfreesea campaign. The event was hosted by MEP Serrao Santos (Portugal, S&D) and attracted three other MEPS:  Poc (CZ, S&D), Briano (IT, S&D), and Affronte (IT, EFDD) as well as staff for an additional four MEPs:  Mato (ES, EPP), Groote (DE, S&D), Thomas (FR, S&D) and Rodust (DE, S&D). Also present were political advisors on fisheries from the S&D and EFDD parties; six additional representatives of the European Commission; representatives of the Permanent Representations of Portugal and Croatia; and about 35 representatives from NGO organisations (e.g., IUCN, World Animal Protection, Seas at Risk) or businesses (e.g. DOW Chemical Company).  More than 65 persons attended in all, making it a standing-room-only event.  All questions following the presentations were focused on marine debris.

Arlete Sogorb presented a strong message about the combined power of EAAM and Alliance marine mammal parks to educate the public and motive conservation-minded behaviour.   Presentations also were made by the European Commission (EU programs on marine litter); the University of Azores (research on litter in deep seas, etc.); Waste Free Oceans Foundation (solutions for clean-up, etc. in cooperation with fisherman, industry, etc.).   Some interesting projects that might be the basis for collaboration by parks are included in the Waste Free Oceans presentation. Images of the event are on the EAAM website.  All presentations and additional information about the event can be found at:

EAAM event in the European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament welcomed the European Association of Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) to present examples of its successful research and conservation work in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the scientific journal founded by EAAM in 1974.  The “40 Years of Aquatic Mammal Science and Conservation” event was hosted in Brussels on 2 June 2015 by European Parliamentarian Gabriel Mato and the European People’s Party (EPP).


Left to right: Dr. Javier Almunia, Loro Parque Foundation; Mr. Jorge Savio, European Commission; event host Mr. Gabriel Mato, Mrs. Pilar Ayuso, and Mrs. Rosa Estarás, MEPs

Join Our World Oceans Month and create a #DebrisFreeSea!

We need your help!

The extreme threat of marine debris with its devastating effects on marine life has been  recognized by governments and environmental organizations around the world. 

Join members of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA) and the European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) in the social media campaign to raise awareness of marine debris and motivate people around  the world to clean up and prevent more trash from entering our world’s oceans.

What Can You Do?

  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Cut the loop of rubber bands and six pack rings before disposing of them

  • Organize or join clean-up activities in your area

  • Post, tweet, and share daily messages about marine debris, conservation, marine life and your efforts to help using the hashtag #DebrisFreeSea.  Let’s go viral and spread the messages around the world!

Be Part of the Global Effort.

Download the free Marine Debris Tracker app for your smartphone or tablet and join a team.

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Log in to the app as Team EAAM (password: monkseal)

Working Together, We Can Create a #DebrisFreeSea

Andriana news


Click – Last Andriana movements

Andriana is sending us messages of hope. After exploring the island of Piperi, where she was released, Andriana embarked on a long journey that has led her now to the island of Skiathos and the coasts of Magnesia. Her dives have progressively increased and have reached a depth of 25m and everything indicates that all is going “according to plan”. Follow Andriana’s track from the day of her release at Piperi Island until reaching the coasts of Magnesia a couple of days ago at the attached map. We wish her safe journeys! It should be noted that Andriana’s tag was made at the Sea Mammal Research Unit in the UK and that it was donated by the European Association of Aquatic Mammals (ΕΑΑΜ, @EuropAssAquMamm).

40 Years of Aquatic Mammal Science and Conservation

The EAAM is going to host an event in the European Parliament in  Brussels next Tuesday, June the 2nd, to highlight the contribution of our association and its institutional members to the research and conservation of the marine mammal species.

Andriana returns to the sea

Andriana has been finally released by MOm, She is actually wandering around a relatively large area of the protected marine park and has reached a maximum depth of 21m.  Her longest dive lasted 6 minutes and she’s been quite active!

We will keep on sending news of Andriana’s whereabouts, you can also follow updates in MOm Facebook page.

Andriana ready to return to the sea

The Monk Seal Andriana left this afternoon from MOm’s First Aid Station in Attica Zoo Park and arrived 5 hours later on the island of Alonnisos, by car and ferry. MOm’s rescue and rehabilitation program has been supported by EAAM for several years, and the Association funded the satellite tag that will be attached to Andriana to follow her movements.


In the next days Andriana will be transported by a Coast Guard vessel to the uninhabited Piperi island, right in the centre of a protected Marine Park in Sporades of the Aegean Sea, a heaven of about 50+ Monk seals permanently living there. MOm’s personnel will open the kennel on a beach and will observe discreetly her first reactions, hopefully until she swims away.


Thereafter, the satellite tag will provide all sorts of information regarding her whereabouts, time length and depth of her dives, as well as resting times ashore.We hope that the tag will stay on her for another 4-5 months, when she is due to change fur (at the age of about 1 year). By then it will be clear whether she will be able to live a normal Monk seal life and contribute to her species’ population another (up to) 20 pups!